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FWP Welcomes New Faces to Townsend

Fish & Wildlife - Region 3

Thu May 08 16:52:15 MDT 2014

The Townsend area will now be home base to FWP Area Wildlife Biologist Adam Grove and new Field Warden Justin Feddes. Both are eager to hit the ground running and get to know the local landowners, sportsmen and residents.

Adam Grove spent the past 11 years as the FWP Area Wildlife Biologist in the White Sulphur Springs area. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Wyoming, and a master’s degree in Range Management from Montana State University. Grove’s new area of responsibility includes the Elkhorn Mountains, Canyon Ferry Wildlife Management Area, and the western side of the Big Belts.

Region 3 Wildlife Manager Howard Burt is happy to have Grove aboard saying, “The biologist position in Townsend has been vacant for over a year.  It’s great to have someone like Adam who brings such extensive experience to the table and is ready to get to work.”

Enforcement’s newest hire, Warden Justin Feddes, grew up on the family ranch in Gallatin County and served in the Navy as a Master in Arms (Military Police). He recently graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Biology.

“We are very excited to have Justin Feddes as the new warden in the Townsend district. Justin brings a Montana ranch background and a tremendous amount of energy and dedication to his role in the protection of Montana’s resources” said Warden Captain Sam Sheppard.

Warden Feddes will primarily be responsible for the Elkhorns and Canyon Ferry Wildlife Management area.