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Don't Move Young Wildlife

Fish & Wildlife

Fri Jul 05 14:33:00 MDT 2013

Young wildlife are stretching their legs and spreading their wings this time of year.

Don't move fawns and other young wildlife this summer. Wildlife often leave young animals hidden for periods of time and return periodically to feed them. This common practice helps to keep predators from finding the young wildlife.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks cannot accept, hold or rehabilitate deer or elk removed from the wild because of the impending threat of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and will ask you to return a wild creature to the location where it was found.

Remember, if you care, leave them there!

It is illegal to remove or possess game animals and other creatures such as game birds, songbirds, furbearers or birds of prey from the wild. For more information about living with wildlife, visit FWP’s webpage at and look under Fish & Wildlife for Living With Wildlife.