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Don't Handle Wildlife

Fish & Wildlife - Region 1

Mon Jun 03 16:39:00 MDT 2013

As spring turns to summer, Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks (FWP) receives a large number of calls regarding deer fawns and other young wildlife. FWP urges the public not to pick-up deer fawns, even if they appear sick or in need of help. Often, the adult deer is close by, or will be returning to its fawn soon. Left alone, a fawn might have a chance in the wild; but once it is picked up and picks up human scent, it is more likely to be abandoned.

FWP also asks the public not to bring fawns into your local FWP office; due to the possibility of chronic wasting disease, FWP is not allowed to accept deer. If a fawn is brought to an FWP office and cannot be returned to its original location, it will be euthanized.

Finally, remember that it is illegal to possess and care for live animals taken from the wild.

It is also important to remember to keep control of your dog. Keeping your dog(s) under control can prevent unnecessary dog attacks on deer, especially on vulnerable young. In addition, dog owners can be issued a citation for allowing dogs to harass, chase, or kill wildlife.