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Fish & Wildlife - Region 7

Fri May 24 08:54:00 MDT 2013

Every spring Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks issues its traditional message to Montanans to leave new born fawns and other infant wildlife where people find them.
"If you care, leave them there" said Jeff Hagener, director of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks in Helena. "It is the best thing to do for young wildlife, because more times than not, the mother is nearby."
Hagener said wild animals commonly cache their young for periods of time to protect them from predators while the adults are feeding.
"Keeping dogs on a leash or otherwise under your control is another big favor you can do to protect young wildlife," Hagener said.
Montana law prohibits the capture, feeding, possession and harassment of wildlife—both game and nongame species. These laws also protect Montana’s wild animals from becoming "pets."
To learn more about living with Montana’s wildlife, visit the FWP website at then to Living with Wildlife.