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Longtime Region 3 Biologist Tom Carlsen Retiring

Fish & Wildlife - Region 3

Thu Sep 27 12:49:00 MDT 2012

Celebrating 30 years of service to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the sportsmen and women of Montana, biologist Tom Carlsen is retiring this week.
Carlsen began his career with the department in 1982 conducting field work on waterfowl at the Canyon Ferry Wildlife Management Area.
Over the years, Carlsen has achieved great success in implementing management plans, protecting habitat, and creating opportunity and ensuring access for hunters and wildlife viewers.
Among his outstanding achievements, was his instrumental role in acquiring the 51 Ranch property adjacent to the Canyon Ferry WMA, and conservation easements on the Hahn and Keogh Ranches. Plus, he has effectively managed the elk population in the Elkhorns, and served as lead writer and editor for the Montana Bighorn Sheep Conservation Strategy (an effort for which he received the 2010 Director’s Award for Excellence in Performance).
In a letter recognizing his 30 years with FWP, Director Joe Maurier said he was “honored” to congratulate Carlsen adding “Your ability to maintain your professional qualities while successfully working with a wide variety of landowners, sportsmen and special interests, attests to your management abilities.”