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The New Montana Bird Distribution Guide Is Available

Fish & Wildlife

Fri Jun 29 11:55:00 MDT 2012

The 7th edition of P.D. Skaar's Montana Bird Distribution has just been released. This fact-packed guide shows birdwatchers where their favorite birds have been seen in the state via summer and winter distribution maps, making it a great companion to field guides. And with this book comes a new 2012 Montana Bird Checklist.

Here are just a few tidbits about birds found in this book: Montana’s official bird list now stands at 427 species, 260 of these birds are known to breed in the state, 233 species have been reported during the winter, and 66 species are considered species of conservation concern. Almost a million bird observations from throughout the state were used to produce the maps in this book.

Montana Bird Distribution was first published by P.D. Skaar in 1975. The 7th edition is a project of Montana Audubon, Montana Natural Heritage Program, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and the Montana Bird Records Committee. Over 25 organizations, businesses, and agencies contributed significantly to this edition, as did all Montanans who supported the non-game wildlife tax check-off fund on their income tax forms.

For details on the book, sample species distribution maps, and information on how to order a copy, go to the Montana Audubon website at Montana Audubon: Birds & Science, Montana Bird Distribution.