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Two Grizzlies Captured Near Lake Five, Relocated Along Hungry Horse Reservoir

Fish & Wildlife - Region 1

Mon Aug 29 15:20:00 MDT 2011

Two grizzly bears were captured near Lake Five, a few miles from West Glacier. The adult female grizzly and yearling male had killed nearly 100 chickens at a residence over the period of two nights. Most of the birds killed were chicks.

The bears were relocated on August 25 in the Deep Creek area along Hungry Horse Reservoir, about 10 miles southwest of Firefighter Mountain.

Grizzly Bear Management Specialist Tim Manley noted that the landowners were assisted in installing an electric fence around the chicken pen and a nearby rabbit pen. He said that this should greatly reduce the chance of another occurrence.

In other grizzly bear news:

--A female grizzly with two yearlings had been frequenting the area of Middle Road off highway 206 near the Silver Bullet Bar. The bears had been eating apples that were just beginning to ripen. As of August 29, Manley says that the adult female and one yearling have been captured. The trapping operation will continue until the second yearling is captured.

“We’re concerned that these grizzlies will get into more attractants in the area like dog food and garbage, or bird seed,” said Manley. He added that the bears had been eating apples within 50 feet of residences, but have not acted aggressively.

Manley acknowledged that landowners in the area have been very helpful in noting the bears’ locations and providing safe trap sites.

--Another grizzly bear was frequenting the creek along Two Mile Drive west of Kalispell. A trap was set about 10 days ago, along with remote cameras to document any presence of the bear. Because no activity was seen, the trap was pulled today.