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At Tax Time Remember Your Favorite Watchable Wildlife
Friday, January 28, 2011
Fish & Wildlife
This news release was archived on Sunday, February 27, 2011

The annual nongame income tax check-off fund, marked by the flying eagle on Montana’s tax-return forms, helps Montana's wild creatures and is a convenient way to snag a last-minute tax benefit.

The tax check-off fund goes to nongame wildlife management and activities that encourage awareness and enjoyment of birds and small mammals—think wildlife monitoring, habitat improvement projects and the publication and distribution of educational materials.

Every $10 you donate is matched one to three times with federal dollars.

For details on the ways FWP uses nongame check-off funds to help small mammals and birds, go to the FWP website at gov and look under the heading Fish & Wildlife for the 2011 Legislative Reports.

Watch for the flying eagle on the 2010 Montana income tax form to contribute to this work and Montana's nongame wildlife species management.