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Wisdom-area Wolf Shooting Under Investigation

Fish & Wildlife - Region 3

Fri Apr 29 00:00:00 MDT 2005

A Wisdom-area landowner reportedly shot a wolf on private property. The shooting occurred on April 28, 2005. The landowner reported that the wolf was chasing his livestock. Federal rules in effect in most of southwest Montana allow landowners to kill a wolf that is actively attacking, chasing, or harassing livestock.


Under the 10j rule, which offers Montana more wolf management authority and flexibility, anyone who shoots or kills a wolf must report the incident within 24 hours. In addition, evidence of the actual wolf attack, or evidence that an attack was imminent, must be available for state and federal investigators to inspect.


Carolyn Sime, FWP wolf management coordinator, said federal law enforcement officials are currently investigating the incident.


The wolf was most likely a member of the Battlefield Pack.


The federal rule applies to the areas south of U.S. Highway 12 (west of Missoula) to Interstate 90; I-90 to I-15; I-15 to the Missouri River at Great Falls; and the Missouri River to the North Dakota border.