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Compensation For Wolf-Caused Damage To Be Discussed In Helena

Fish & Wildlife

Wed Apr 20 00:00:00 MDT 2005

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will hold the third in a series of work sessions Thursday, April 27 in Helena that are aimed at developing a compensation program to pay for livestock damages caused by wolves.

Under Montana's wolf conservation and management plan, FWP is expected to help create workable compensation and/or insurance programs.  Incentives for landowners who employ techniques intended to reduce wolf depredation also will be discussed.   It will be funded and run by an independent group.  

The work session is set to begin Thursday at 8:15 a.m. at the Wingate Inn, 2007 N. Oaks, in Helena. An additional work session is planned for May 11, also in Helena.

For the work sessions, a cross section of about 30 Montana citizens, agencies, and others who expressed an interest in participating, will gather to continue their work to develop a framework for a compensation program.  The public will have an opportunity to comment at the end of the day.

For more information contact Carolyn Sime, FWP's wolf management coordinator.

Compensation for wolf-caused livestock damages and loses is currently offered to Montana livestock owners by the Defenders of Wildlife, a private, nonprofit group that seeks to protect wild animals and their habitats.