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Warden Looking for Tips on Dog Poisoning Incident near Condon


During the third week of June, on two separate days individuals took their dogs on walks on Owl Creek road south of Bigfork. In both instances, after arriving back home, the dogs (both labs) started convulsing and died shortly thereafter. Due to the similarity in these cases the veterinarian took samples from the second dog and sent them to a lab. The veterinarian believed the symptoms resembled strychnine poisoning.

(Region 1 - Fish & Wildlife )

FWP Removes Two Bighorn Sheep in Malta Area to Protect Breaks Herds


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks removed two young bighorn rams found commingling with domestic sheep last week. The bighorns were 28 miles south of Malta, well away from their normal habitat. The meat was donated to local families, and the horns will be used for educational purposes.

(Region 6 - Fish & Wildlife )

Prevent Conflicts With Bears


Here are some tips from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks that will help in preparing for bear-safe outings this spring and summer.

(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife )

Keep Backyards Bear Resistant


Summer is high time for bear activity in the forest and increasingly in many Montana cities and towns.

(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife )

Tendoy Bighorn Sheep to be Depopulated, Restocked


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks wants to go ahead with a plan to depopulate the chronically diseased Tendoy Mountains bighorn sheep herd using public hunting as the primary tool. The area would then be restocked with healthy bighorns.

(Region 3 - Fish & Wildlife )

FWP Region 6 Mule Deer & Whitetail Deer Aerial Survey Findings Released


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologists have completed their 2015 winter and spring aerial surveys of deer populations across Region 6 in northeastern Montana. The surveys indicate a continuing increase in numbers for mule deer, and mostly unchanging populations of whitetail deer across the region.

(Region 6 - Fish & Wildlife )

FWP Seeks Comment on Draft Bison Impact Study


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking public comment on a draft statewide environmental impact statement on bison conservation and management.

(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife )


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