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FWP investigating bear attack southeast of Choteau


A person was attacked by a grizzly bear Monday night several miles southeast of Choteau. The person had been looking for a bear after hearing a report of tracks in the area. The bear was believed to be a sub-adult and had been in an old barn eating discarded grain. The incident occurred at an abandoned farm site away from residences.

(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife )

Public meeting on plan to reintroduce bighorns to Little Belts canceled


A public meeting scheduled for July 22 in Stanford regarding a proposal to reintroduce bighorn sheep to the Little Belt Mountains has been canceled due to concerns about potential exposure to COVID-19. The public is still encouraged to submit comment on the environmental assessment, which can be viewed online at Public comment will be accepted through Aug. 3.

(Region 4 - Fish & Wildlife )

Monitoring Montana’s bats for White-nose syndrome


Bats play a very important role in our ecosystem, pollinating many important plants, devouring thousands of bugs including mosquitoes, and saving farmers in the U.S. $23 billion annually in crop damage and pesticide use.

(Region 7 - Fish & Wildlife )

FWP seeks public comment on marten reintroduction draft environmental assessment


FWP recently released a draft environmental assessment regarding a proposal to reintroduce marten (a forest furbearer in the weasel family) to the Little Belt Mountains in central Montana. Marten were historically present in the Little Belts but were likely extirpated by the early 20th Century. Habitat models predict that there is extensive marten habitat in the Little Belts, and marten currently occur in adjacent mountain ranges.

(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife )

Milk River water diversion issues could affect fisheries in Fresno, Nelson and the Milk River


Glasgow – The Milk River is the lifeblood of north central Montana. Not only does it provide essential irrigation, it provides important fisheries and wildlife habitat. However, recent failure of the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) water delivery structures on the St. Mary Canal near the North Fork of the Milk River may mean reliable water flow is in jeopardy this summer. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is working with BOR to monitor this situation and its potential impacts to Fresno and Nelson reservoirs and the Milk River drainage.

(Region 6 - Fish & Wildlife )


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