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No Injuries in Reported Black Bear Incident near Bull Lake

Tue Jun 27 16:16:38 MDT 2017

On June 26, 2017 at approximately 4:50 AM an individual reported what was thought to be a bear attack on the occupants of a tent at a private residence in the Bull Lake area of Lincoln County, Montana. A Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to the scene as well as Fish, Wildlife and Parks Wildlife Human Attack Response Team (WHART). Upon arriving at the scene, the deputy observed a mangled tent in the yard and two black bears (one black in color and one brown in color). The deputy shot and killed the black colored bear.

(Region 1 - Fish & Wildlife )

Two Subadult Grizzly Bears Captured Northwest of Whitefish

Tue Jun 27 14:48:31 MDT 2017

On June 22nd and 23rd, two young grizzly bears were captured about 10 miles northwest of Whitefish along the Stillwater River. The 2.5 years old siblings were captured after landowners had reported they were trying to get into a dog kennel to get dog food. A few days earlier, neighbors to the south reported bears had killed chickens on their property but felt it was black bears and not grizzly bears. Their scats were also full of sunflower seeds indicating they had been getting access to bird feeders in the area. Traps were set at both places and only the two grizzly bears were captured.

(Region 1 - Fish & Wildlife )

How to bear proof your home, cabin

Tue Jun 27 13:30:00 MDT 2017

It’s summer; time for many folks to head to the mountains for vacation. That’s fine, just remember Montana’s mountains are home to black and grizzly bears.

(Region 7 - Fish & Wildlife )

How to bear proof your home, cabin

Tue Jun 27 09:59:13 MDT 2017

It’s summer; time for many folks to head to the mountains for vacation.

(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife )

Two Female Grizzly Bears Captured in the Yaak

Tue Jun 27 09:37:03 MDT 2017

On June 20, 2017, FWP captured two 2.5-year old grizzly bear siblings in the upper Yaak River area after the bears were seen grazing on lawns at several residences, and accessed songbird feeders. These siblings were previously captured in the Creston Valley area of British Columbia, Canada after being seen near residences on June 5, 2017. Canadian conservation officers captured and relocated the bears in British Columbia near the Montana border to prevent conflict with humans in the Creston area. Canadian researchers fitted one of the females with a GPS tracking collar.

(Region 1 - Fish & Wildlife )

Whitefish Lake Watershed Project Draft Environmental Assessment

Tue Jun 13 16:31:52 MDT 2017

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) seeks public review of a proposal to work with The Trust for Public Land (TPL) to conserve twenty-one sections (approximately 13,398 acres) of Weyerhaeuser property located approximately nine miles northwest of Whitefish, Montana.

(Region 1 - Fish & Wildlife )

CWD testing, monitoring remains a priority for FWP

Mon Jun 12 13:04:00 MDT 2017

Chronic wasting disease has yet to be discovered in Montana’s wild populations of deer, elk and moose, but as the disease continues to expand to the north, south and east of the state, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park officials believe it is only a matter of time before it is in Montana.

(Region 7 - Fish & Wildlife )

Keep Your Eye Out For Swift Fox

Mon Jun 12 10:48:05 MDT 2017

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks encourages people to report any live or road-killed sightings of swift fox to their local FWP biologist.

(Region 6 - Fish & Wildlife )


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