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FWP Commission Meeting Will Feature Echo Lake Decision

Enforcement - Region 1

Tue Apr 30 16:10:00 MDT 2013

The Montana FWP Commission will meet on Thursday May 9 in Helena beginning at 8:30 a.m.. One of the items on the agenda important to northwest Montana will be a decision on Echo Lake Boating rules proposals. The public will be able to watch the proceedings via video conference at the FWP Headquarters on North Meridian Road in Kalispell. If the Commission modifies the proposals, they may take further public comment. In this event, attendees at the Kalispell Office video conference will be able to offer comment.

The Commission is considering rule amendments based on the three petitions received from the public to change boating regulations on Echo Lake. The Agenda will run as follows:

9:00 A.M. ~~ Enforcement Bureau---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ARM Amendment for Echo Lake and Adoption for Abbott Lake and Peterson Lake-------------------- 60 Min
*Designate Causeway Bay on Echo Lake a No Wake Zone
*Designate Echo Lake, Abbott Lake, and Peterson Lake a No Wake Zone During High Water
*Prohibit Methods to Increase or Enhance a Boat’s Wake on Echo Lake

The Commission received a great deal of comment on the proposals and will make a decision at the May 9 meeting.