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FWP Warden and CSKT Remind Residents that Feeding Wildlife is Illegal


FWP Game Warden Ron Howell would like to remind folks that the supplemental feeding of game animals is illegal under Montana code (MCA 87-6-216) on private and state land on the Flathead Reservation, as well as off the reservation. The law specifically prohibits the feeding of ungulates—(deer, elk, moose, and antelope), mountain lions and bears. The recreational feeding of birds (song birds, turkeys, pheasants, etc) can also be unlawful if it attracts ungulates or bears. Supplemental food includes grain, processed feed, hay, and other foods.

(Region 1 - Enforcement )

Waterfowl Poached on Missouri River near Great Falls


State game wardens are seeking information regarding the dumping of 25 Canada geese and seven mallard ducks at the Ulm Bridge fishing access site on the Missouri River south of Great Falls.

(Region 4 - Enforcement )


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