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FWP & Inspired Classrooms Bring Sage Grouse into MT School Classrooms


Monday, March 19, 2018

Montana WILD ( is Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks premier fish and wildlife conservation education center based in Helena. The Montana WILD Education center wants people to connect themselves to the natural resources in Montana, and recognize that the people of Montana are instrumental in providing the stewardship necessary to manage for healthy an abundant fish and wildlife populations, and improving and protecting habitat. Each year, Montana WILD staff and volunteers teach about Montana fish and wildlife to more than 5,000 students from 100 schools from across the state, and hundreds more adults and families through community programs.

MT WILD wants to be reaching more Montanans, which is why they are piloting the Sage Grouse Distance Learning Program with Inspired Classrooms ( this Spring.  The program was funded by MT Outdoor Legacy Foundation, Ortenberg/Claiborne Foundation, Washington Foundation, Weyerhauser Foundation, TransCanada, Cabellas, and the Treacy Foundation. They are encouraging schools throughout the state to participate in this program and are excited about teaching more youth about sage grouse, and the important role they play in our state. So far, 22 schools and 750 students have signed up for the program. If your school is interested in participating contact Inspired Classrooms at (406) 531-6505;;  For more information on the Sage Grouse Program contact Laurie Wolf, FWP MT WILD Education Program Manager, (406) 444-9945;