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Hunter Education Classes Offered in Hinsdale and Saco

Education - Region 6

Fri Feb 26 13:20:18 MST 2016

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Hunter Education course dates have been set for both Hinsdale and Saco. There will be a classroom course starting March 7 in Hinsdale, and a course starting March 14 in Saco.

To be eligible to hunt and be fully certified during the 2016 season, hunters must be 12-years old by January 16, 2017. Students aged 10 and 11 can take the course and hunt as an apprentice, but will not be fully certified until the year they turn 12. All registrants for this event must be 10 years of age by the first day of class.

To register and learn more about the hunter education classes offered, please go to the FWP website at Look under the “Education” tab, go to the “Hunter Education” heading, and click on the “Hunter education programs” link. On the next screen, click on the “Find a class or field course” and follow the directions from there. Please make sure to print out all required files, and sign all necessary forms.

            Please contact Howard Pippin for information about the Saco classes at 406-527-3284, or Gifford Fjeld for the Hinsdale class at 406-648-7077.