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Hunter & Bowhunter Education Instructors Needed In Townsend


Thu Jul 17 11:43:00 MDT 2014

Volunteer instructors are being sought for Montana Hunter and Bowhunter Education programs in the Townsend area.

Montana's hunter and bowhunter education classes are taught by dedicated volunteers who are the heart of Montana's hunting education programs. Volunteer instructors also serve as examples of hunter ethics and one's responsibility to landowners, other hunters and the game pursued.

Hunter and bowhunter education instructor candidates in the Townsend area can call Wayde Cooperider, outdoor skills and safety supervisor for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks in Helena, at 406-444-9947.

For more information about hunter and bowhunter education in Montana, visit the FWP website at; click the "Hunter Education" icon then click "Become a Volunteer Instructor".