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FWP Region 6 Hunter & Bow Hunter Education Instructors Receiving Service Awards

Education - Region 6

Tue Apr 02 16:29:00 MDT 2013

Thirty-one volunteer instructors affiliated with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ Region 6 hunter and bowhunter education programs will be recognized with service awards at a workshop and luncheon April 20 at Glasgow’s Cottonwood Inn.

All service award recipients receive a plaque, and other awards are made for additional years of service. Highlights this year include Roger Wimmer of Wolf Point being recognized for his 40 years of involvement, and Bruce Hill of Whitewater being honored for his 30 years with the hunter education program. Other award recipients include:

  • 25-year Hunter Education Award: Ken Wiederrick, Malta; Jon Forbes, Saco
  • 20-year Bowhunter Education Award: Charlie Young, Froid
  • 20-year Hunter Education Award: Darwin Anderson, Rudyard; Mike Carr, Havre; Miles Hutton, Turner
  • 15-year Bowhunter Education Award: Cory Fox, Chinook
  • 15-year Hunter Education Award: Charles Coe, Havre; Fred Fisher, Chinook; Ken and Marlene Hannah, Havre; Fred Lowder, Havre; Mark Stolen, Havre
  • 10-year Bowhunter Education Award: Nick Siebrasse, Havre; Mark Weber, Chinook
  • 10-year Hunter Education Award: Thornton Lindsay, Havre; Andrew McKean, Glasgow
  • 5-year Bowhunter Education Award: Todd Alisch, Havre; Michael Bryson, Chinook; Eric Gullickson, Glasgow; Joseph Herzog, Wolf Point; Scott Kinzie, Wolf Point; Adrian Spotted Bird, Jr., Poplar; Joe Wiles, Glasgow
  • 5-year Hunter Education Award: Dana Buckles, Wolf Point, Eric Gullickson, Glasgow; Scott Kinzie, Wolf Point; Rebecca Lowder, Havre; Ryan Pawlowski, Circle; Shane Reed, Wolf Point; Shawn Rettig, Rudyard; Adrian Spotted Bird, Jr., Poplar; Joe Wiles, Glasgow

State law requires anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 1985, to present a hunter education certificate in order to purchase a hunting license in Montana. While run and certified by FWP, nearly all hunter and bowhunter education courses are taught by volunteer instructors.

“As evidenced by the decades of service our instructors selflessly give to our programs, there’s an incredible amount of dedication and commitment out there in our communities,” said FWP Region 6 Information and Education Program Manager Ron Selden. “These volunteers play a key role in shaping future Montana hunters by providing training in safety, ethics, conservation, and the proper use of firearms and archery equipment. They all work very hard to pass the state’s rich hunting heritage on to the next generations.”

New volunteer instructors for the program are needed in various communities across the Hi-Line. For more information or to request an application, please email or call 406-228-3723.