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Shooting Range Grant Funding Decisions Released

Education - Region 6

Fri Aug 28 00:00:00 MDT 2009

Final decisions have been issued on shooting range development grant proposals in Glasgow and Havre that were subject to recent public review.

The Valley County Rifle & Pistol Club has been approved to receive $49,535 in grant funding for the construction of a new rifle and pistol range at a former U.S. Air Force range site near the Glasgow International Airport. A draft environmental assessment (EA) and a public comment period on the project did not raise any substantial issues of concern, said FWP’s Kurt Cunningham of Helena.

The department will also award $11,940 in grant funding to the Havre Trap Club for constructing an accessible restroom, extending a parking slab with accessible parking, pouring an accessible sidewalk, and building a privacy fence at their site south of town.  Cunningham said a draft EA and public comment period on this project also did not find any substantial issues of concern.

In addition, the Glasgow Fish & Wildlife Association was awarded $7,876 in 2009 grant funding to help pay for improvements at the Glasgow Trap Club’s main building. There was no public review of that decision because the clubhouse is an existing structure.