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Fishing restrictions lifted around Missoula

Flood, Drought & Fire - Region 2

Tue Aug 22 16:54:55 MDT 2017

Fishing restrictions on Silver Bow Creek, the upper Clark Fork and the lower Bitterroot Rivers have all been lifted.

The restrictions were implemented last month when criteria were met on each waterbody-- water temperatures of 73 degrees for three consecutive days.

The stretches of water where restrictions will be removed are the Clark Fork River from its origins at Warms Springs Creek to Rock Creek near Missoula, Silver Bow Creek from its confluence with Blacktail Creek in Butte to where it enters Warm Springs ponds, and the Bitterroot River downstream of Veteran’s Bridge near Hamilton.

Cooler temperatures and longer nights have dropped water temperatures in rivers around western Montana. The criteria to remove the restrictions on these three waterbodies--water temperatures not exceeding 70 degrees for three consecutive days--were met as of Monday, Aug. 21.