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Fire Danger in Eastern Montana

Flood, Drought & Fire - Region 7

Fri Aug 26 08:22:00 MDT 2011

With Montana's upland game bird season set to open on Sept. 1—and the big game archery season to follow on Sept. 3—Montana Fish, Wildife & Parks is urging hunters to be fire aware and take extra precautions to avoid starting a fire.
Eastern Montana has recently experienced several wildland fires. "The fires are lightning starts from dry storm cells moving across eastern Montana," said Dwayne Andrews, FWP's information officer in Miles City. "There doesn't seem to be any relief in the immediate future so all of us can exercise some thoughtful common sense to avoid human-caused fires."
FWP suggests that hunters take a few simple steps to minimize the danger of starting a fire while afield.
  • Don't drive off road.
  • Don't park over dry grass. A vehicle's catalytic converter or exhaust system can spark a fire. Find a bare spot along the roadside to park. 
  • Carry a shovel, axe, water and, if possible, a fire extinguisher.
  • When requesting permission to hunt, discuss the fire threat with the landowner to show you are aware of the problem and will act accordingly.
  • Know what fire-use restrictions apply to the location you intend to hunt or camp. Check online or call the local land management agency, county commissioner or the local fire department.
Information about fire restrictions is available on the FWP website at Click  Restrictions, Closures & Reopenings. For the status of ongoing fires visit the online source for fire information at