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Outdoor Recreators Urged To Be Fire Aware

Flood, Drought & Fire

Thu Aug 25 15:27:00 MDT 2011

With some antelope archery hunting underway and other hunting seasons coming soon, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks urges hunters to prepare for Montana's fire season.

"As early season hunters take to the field we are especially concerned about accidental fire starts caused when dry vegetation accumulates in a vehicle's skid plate or catalytic converter," said Ron Aasheim, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks spokesman.

"Hunters, whether on the prairie or in the mountains, are responsible for knowing what the fire danger level is and for taking appropriate precautions as advised by local land management agencies and fire personnel," he said.

FWP suggests that hunters take these steps to minimize the danger of starting a fire while afield.

  • Don't drive off road.
  • Don't park over dry grass. A vehicle's catalytic converter or exhaust system can spark a fire. Find a bare spot along the roadside to park.
  • Avoid driving on roads with tall vegetation in the middle where possible. If it is necessary to drive on vegetated roads, take the time to clean out the vehicle's undercarriage and skid plate often.
  • Carry a shovel, axe, water and, if possible, a fire extinguisher.
  • When requesting permission to hunt, discuss the fire threat with the landowner to show you are aware of the problem and will act accordingly.

Information on fire restrictions is available on the FWP website at Click Restrictions, Closures & Reopenings. For the status of ongoing fires, visit the online source for fire information at