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Fish and Wildlife Commission to meet April 19 in Helena


Tue Apr 10 10:24:29 MDT 2018

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission will meet Thursday, April 19 at FWP Headquarters in Helena.

The agenda includes final decisions on the Chronic Wasting Disease Management Plan, the Statewide Forest Management Plan, all regulatory migratory bird regulations, aquatic invasive species watercraft inspection site leases and a fishing access site acquisition on the Beaverhead River at Selway Bridge.

The Commission meeting starts at 8:30 a.m. and will be streamed live via video to all FWP regional offices. The meeting will also be audio streamed online at

The Commission will make final decisions on the following topics:

  • FY 2020/21 Budget Priorities
  • Missouri River Broadwater Bay No-Wake Zone
  • Mandatory kill and reporting for Kootenai River Brown Trout below Libby Dam
  • River safety closure to replace bridge at Bonner on the Blackfoot River
  • Fishing Access Site acquisition on Beaverhead River at Selway Bridge
  • Glendive Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture Paddlefish Grant Committee
  • Aquatic Invasive Species watercraft inspection Site leases
  • Montana Chronic Wasting Disease Management Plan
  • 2018-19 all migratory bird regulations
  • 2018-19 peregrine falcon falconry take
  • FWP Statewide Forest Management Plan
  • Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area habitat project #4
  • Aunt Molly Wildlife Management Area grazing lease renewal
  • Beartooth Wildlife Management Area grazing lease renewal
  • Birdtail conservation easement
  • Land exchange with Cross Canyon Ranch on Spotted Dog Wildlife Management Area
  • West Valley donated public access easement and proposed Wildlife Viewing Area

The Commission will also look at endorsing the following:

  • Little Muddy Creek Fishing Access Site easement
  • Intake Dam Fishing Access Site - Land Management Agreement with Bureau of Reclamation and Bureau of Land Management transfer to FWP
  • 2018-19 CSKT pheasant, partridge and waterfowl hunting regulations
  • Boulder Creek Ranch access project
  • Dry Cottonwood Creek access project
  • Addition to Garrity Mountain Wildlife Management Area
  • Dome Mountain Wildlife Management Area addition of 160-acre inholding

The Commission will hear the following proposals:

  • Madison River Recreation Plan
  • Fishing regulation change for Red Rocks Lake National Wildlife Refuge
  • 2018 mountain lion quotas

FWP ensures its meetings are fully accessible to those with special needs. To request arrangements, call FWP at 406-444-3186.

For the full agenda and background on the scheduled topics, go to the FWP website at; under “Quick Links” click “Commission.”

FWP's website offers live streamed audio of each F&W commission meeting. The public can also view a live television feed of the meeting at FWP regional offices. FWP Headquarters is located at 1420 E. 6th Avenue, Helena.