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Interest Prompts FWP To Offer More Wolf Trapper Training

Fri Sep 28 14:17:00 MDT 2012

Considerable interest in Montana's first wolf trapping season recently led state wildlife officials to add more opportunities for would-be trappers to enroll in a mandatory certification class.

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2012 Deer Hunting Outlook

Fri Sep 28 12:43:00 MDT 2012

Deer hunters in Montana will find a mix of hunting opportunities across the state when the general season opens Oct. 20.

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Statewide Fisheries Plan Meeting Set for Butte

Fri Sep 28 11:59:00 MDT 2012

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will host a public meeting in Butte next Thursday, October 4, to discuss and gather comment on a draft statewide fisheries management plan. The plan would establish goals and direction for fisheries management, habitat protection and improvement, fishing access and angling opportunities for the next six years.

(Region 3 - Fish & Wildlife)

2012 Elk Hunting Outlook

Fri Sep 28 11:57:00 MDT 2012

There are elk in Montana's hills and if the big sky drops some snow hunters could be in for a banner season in many areas.

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2012 Antelope Hunting Outlook

Fri Sep 28 11:51:00 MDT 2012

Antelope hunters in Montana will have to work a bit harder to find good antelope hunting this fall, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials say.

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FWP Commission To Meet In Helena Oct. 11

Fri Sep 28 10:42:00 MDT 2012

Montana’s Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission will meet Oct. 11 in Helena to adopt 2013 fishing regulation changes and approve adjustments to elk plan objectives in some western Montana hunting districts.

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More Connect With FWP Via Social Media

Fri Sep 28 10:13:00 MDT 2012

If "Likes" "Followers" and "Views" are digital age currency, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has hit the jackpot with its social media offerings.

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Longtime Region 3 Biologist Tom Carlsen Retiring

Thu Sep 27 12:49:00 MDT 2012

Celebrating 30 years of service to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the sportsmen and women of Montana, biologist Tom Carlsen is retiring this week.

(Region 3 - Fish & Wildlife)

Hunting Access: Ask early, Don't wait

Thu Sep 27 10:54:00 MDT 2012

Montana's some 23,000 landowners own nearly 60 million acres of private land, much of it with excellent hunting opportunities. It is Montana law that hunters obtain landowner permission to hunt on all private land.

(Region 7 - Hunting)


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