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Craig Area Men Sentenced, Fined for Poaching


A pair of men from the Craig area facing 25 counts related to poaching and illegal outfitting agreed to a plea bargain recently and will pay $21,000 in total restitution and lose forever their privileges to hunt, fish and trap or accompany anyone else doing so.

(Region 4 - Enforcement)

Anglers - Keep The Tip-Mont Number Handy


With Montana’s general fishing season opening May 19, FWP reminds anglers to make a note of the TIP-MONT hotline and keep it handy this fishing season. It is 1-800-TIP-MONT, or 1-800-847-6668.

(Headquarters - Fishing)

Use Safer Fishing Tackle This Summer


Loons, swans, cranes and other water birds can die from lead poisoning after swallowing lead fishing sinkers and jigs lost by anglers.

(Headquarters - Fishing)


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