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Carry And Know How To Use Bear Spray

Fri Sep 30 12:47:00 MDT 2011

Reports of Montana's grizzly bears moving into new territory have Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials urging hunters to prepare to see grizzly bears in unexpected places this fall.

(Headquarters - Hunting)

TIP-MONT Works For Montana By Reducing The Most Common Violations

Fri Sep 30 12:45:00 MDT 2011

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials ask that hunters take the time to review Montana's hunting rules and regulations to ensure they act within the law and are prepared to recognize when others violate the law.

(Headquarters - Hunting)

Field Dressing Tips For Big Game Hunters

Fri Sep 30 12:39:00 MDT 2011

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reminds hunters that simple, common sense precautions are part of the safe and proper field dressing of big game.

(Headquarters - Hunting)

Common Sense Precautions In Handling Wild Meat

Fri Sep 30 12:35:00 MDT 2011

Before going afield to hunt, it is always wise to review the proper ways to handle and transport wild meat. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks encourages hunters to use safe practices when handling wild meat in the field:

(Headquarters - Hunting)

Hunters Urged To Help Protect Montana's Wild Elk And Deer From CWD

Fri Sep 30 12:32:00 MDT 2011

Montanans who plan to travel out-of-state or to Canada to hunt deer, elk and moose should know that it is now illegal to bring heads and spinal cords from those harvested game animals back with them from a state that is known to have CWD in either wild animals or game farm animals. Bring home only:

(Headquarters - Hunting)

FWP Calls On Hunters To Be Weed-Aware

Fri Sep 30 12:29:00 MDT 2011

Noxious weeds pose a serious economic and environmental threat to Montana. Protect critical habitat from noxious weed infestations and you protect the health of Montana's fish and wildlife.

(Headquarters - Hunting)

Weed Free Is The Montana Way

Fri Sep 30 12:28:00 MDT 2011

Montana requires the use of certified weed seed-free hay, grain, straw, mulch, cubes and pellet feed on wildlife management areas and federal lands.

(Headquarters - Hunting)

Traditional Hunter Behavior Sets The Standard

Fri Sep 30 12:19:00 MDT 2011

If hunters keep a few simple thoughts in mind, they can hunt safely and set a good example for other hunters. Here are the basics of good hunter etiquette.

(Headquarters - Hunting)

Hunt Safely And Responsibly

Fri Sep 30 12:17:00 MDT 2011

The 1,200 volunteers who teach Hunter Education remind all hunters there are four basic rules of gun safety.

(Headquarters - Hunting)


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