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Black Bear Snatches Backpack at Rattlesnake Trailhead

Wed Jun 29 16:51:00 MDT 2011

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks received a report today of a sub-adult black bear that visited Missoula’s main Rattlesnake trailhead and took a hiker’s backpack that was lying on the ground near the trailhead sign.

(Region 2 - Fish & Wildlife)

No Wake Temporary Emergency Restriction Is In Effect On Echo Lake Because Of High Water Levels

Wed Jun 29 16:41:00 MDT 2011

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission has adopted a temporary emergency boating restriction on Echo Lake east of Kalispell. All watercraft on Echo Lake are limited to a controlled no wake speed (watercraft can’t create visible white water in the track of the vessel), in order to reduce damage to shoreline and homes around the lake. The Flathead County Board of Commissioners requested the restriction in response to requests from residents on the lake and also, because the Flathead County Office of Emergency Services is observing damage to homes and structures at the current water levels.

(Region 1 - Recreation News)

Bighorn Lambs Still Feeling Effects of 2009-2010 Pneumonia Outbreak

Wed Jun 29 10:59:00 MDT 2011

More than 500 bighorn sheep in six populations across western Montana died as a result of a pneumonia outbreak that began in November 2009, and now Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is assessing the population numbers and lamb survival rates as the bighorns work to rebuild.

(Region 2 - Fish & Wildlife)

Intake Fishing Access Site Open for Overnight Camping

Wed Jun 29 09:59:00 MDT 2011

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks have opened Intake Fishing Access Site to overnight camping effective the evening of June 29, 2011. The site was recently closed in cooperation with local authorities due to flooding and concerns for public safety. Flood damage has been mitigated and the river flows in the Yellowstone are lower than the recent past.

(Region 7 - Recreation News)

Boat Inspections For Aquatic Nuisance Species To Be Conducted South Of Ronan

Tue Jun 28 16:23:00 MDT 2011

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, in cooperation with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, will be doing an Aquatic Nuisance Species boat inspection on Hwy 93 one mile south of Ronan on July 1, 2, 3, and 4. Inspections will also be conducted for the rest of the boating season (ending after Labor Day) at the same location. There will also be roving boat inspectors at various locations around the region this summer.

(Region 1 - Recreation News)

Aggressive Deer in Colstrip

Tue Jun 28 13:08:00 MDT 2011

Recently female deer in Colstrip have been aggressive toward dogs being walked by their owners. According to FWP Warden Bill Dawson, “There have been three known incidents involving a lone female deer although it is unknown if it was the same deer involved in all of the incidents.”

(Region 7 - Fish & Wildlife)

Becoming An Outdoors Woman Summer Workshop Aug. 5-7

Mon Jun 27 11:19:00 MDT 2011

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' popular Becoming an Outdoors Woman three-day, summer workshop is set for Aug. 5-7 at the Lubrecht Experimental Forest camp near Missoula.

(Headquarters - Education)

Anglers Internet Fishing Guide An Ever Ready Tool

Mon Jun 27 11:15:00 MDT 2011

Anglers anxious to get in some fishing this July 4 holiday weekend can turn to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' Internet fishing tool—the Montana Fishing Guide.

(Headquarters - Fishing)

Many Boating Accidents Are Avoidable

Mon Jun 27 11:10:00 MDT 2011

This July 4 weekend Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials urge boaters to wear a life jacket and avoid consuming alcohol if responsible for operating a boat.

(Headquarters - Recreation News)


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