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Heavy Snow & Cold Impacts Wildlife Populations

Thu Mar 31 08:32:00 MDT 2011

It’s been a tough winter for area wildlife and the calendar shows spring months lay ahead of us before summer arrives. Spring and early summer can still bring weather that can have adverse impacts on already stressed wildlife. Typically early spring months can produce occasional heavy snow fall with intermittent cold and windy conditions. May and June can produce rainy conditions resulting in wet and cool days with limited sunshine.

(Region 7 - Fish & Wildlife)

Muggli Bypass Unique & Beneficial Project for Fish

Wed Mar 30 12:06:00 MDT 2011

The Tongue River is a major source of irrigation water for farms and ranches that lay along its boundaries. It’s a tributary of the Yellowstone River and provides aquatic habitat for numerous species of warm-water fish. Several diversion dams were built on the Tongue to divert water for irrigation; this has provided stability for agricultural production along the river course. As a long-term consequence of these dams, historic fish passage, annual spawning runs and fish distribution have been interrupted.

(Region 7 - Fishing)

Tip From Landowner Leads to Multiple Violations for CO Resident

Wed Mar 30 11:55:00 MDT 2011

A Pueblo, Colorado resident was recently sentenced on 12 misdemeanor counts in Dawson County and 8 misdemeanor counts in McCone County. The counts range from outfitting without a Montana license, outfitting on FWP Block Management ranches, littering and solicitation by advising undercover agents to trespass on private land on two ranches with no landowner permission.

(Region 7 - Enforcement)

Mixed Bag For Nonresident Big Game License Applications

Wed Mar 30 09:02:00 MDT 2011

A voter-approved price increase for some Montana nonresident hunting licenses likely resulted in about 1,200 big game combination licenses remaining for sale after the March 15 application deadline.

(Headquarters - Headlines)

FWP at first step in setting four-year fishing regulations

Tue Mar 29 09:13:00 MDT 2011

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is asking anglers and others what issues they would like the commission to consider as it sets the state’s fishing regulations for the next four years.

(Region 5 - Fishing)

FWP Seeks Comments on Three Westslope Cutthroat Trout Conservation Projects in the Dillon Area

Mon Mar 28 13:50:00 MDT 2011

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is seeking public comment on three environmental assessments proposing to conserve and restore native westslope cutthroat trout by removing non-native or hybridized trout in Dyce Creek west of Dillon in the Beaverhead River drainage, and McVey Creek north of Wisdom and Cherry Creek near Melrose, both tributaries to the Big Hole River.

(Region 3 - Fishing)

All Mountain Lion Hunting To Close In Districts 400, 401, 403, 406, 415 & 441

Sun Mar 27 13:23:00 MDT 2011

The hunting of all mountain lions in northcentral Montana hunting districts 400, 401, 403, 406, 415, and 441, which includes portions of Toole, Pondera, Liberty, Chouteau, Glacier and Teton counties, will close at one-half hour after sunset on Monday, March 28, 2011.

(Headquarters - Hunting District Restrictions, Closures & Reopenings)

Smith River Super Permit Winner Announced

Fri Mar 25 16:15:00 MDT 2011

Montana State Parks, a division of MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks, is pleased to announce the result of this year's drawing for the Smith River Super Permit. The 2011 winner is Sean O'Connor of Drummond, MT. Sean, the Fire Chief of the Valley Fire District, had applied for the regular Smith River permit during the annual January - February drawing, but was unsuccessful.

(Headquarters - Montana State Parks)

Signs of Spring

Fri Mar 25 15:24:00 MDT 2011

Everyone has a different sign for the arrival of spring: birds returning, flowers blooming, insects buzzing about. Let’s not forget bears, especially grizzlies, awakening from a winter’s nap.

(Region 2 - by Bruce Auchly)


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