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Probable Wolf Depredation Confirmed in Gravelly Mountains

Tue Oct 30 00:00:00 MDT 2007

A domestic cow was likely killed by wolves on public land in the northern Gravelly Mountains. USDA Wildlife Services investigated the incident on Oct. 20 and determined it was a probable wolf depredation.

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Waterfowl Testing to Begin at Washoe Park Duck Pond

Tue Oct 30 00:00:00 MDT 2007

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, in collaboration with USDA Wildlife Services and several other state and federal agencies, is sampling waterfowl across Montana as part of a national effort for the early detection of avian influenza. Testing on ducks at Anaconda’s Washoe Park Duck Pond will begin in November and continue intermittently through December.

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Avoid Common Hunting Mistakes by Remembering these Tips

Tue Oct 30 00:00:00 MDT 2007

Before heading to the field for week two of Montana’s big game season, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials ask that hunters avoid common violations by remembering the following tips.

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Low Elk, High Mule Deer Numbers Mark the Second Week of Hunting

Tue Oct 30 00:00:00 MDT 2007

LOW ELK, HIGH MULE DEER NUMBERS MARK THE SECOND WEEK OF HUNTING Most check stations reported high mule deer numbers through the second weekend of hunting, some significantly higher than last year. Elk harvest was down, however, and lower than the previous 4 years. The antelope harvest also revealed lower numbers than the last 4 years and whitetails were just slightly higher than last year at this time.

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Hysham Check Station Results

Tue Oct 30 00:00:00 MDT 2007

Hunter numbers during the opening days of the 2007 big game season in southeastern Montana were slightly higher than last year according to total number of hunters passing through the Hysham check station in Region 7. Hunter success rate was high and most folks were successful.

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Elk Harvest Picks up Pace, Slow Start for Deer

Mon Oct 29 00:00:00 MDT 2007

Deer harvest has been slow to pick up pace this big game season in west-central Montana, with totals that are 30 percent behind last year’s first week for white-tailed deer and mule deer. The elk harvest for week one was right in line with the first week tally from last season and just shy of the five-year average.

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