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The recent weekend found warm, almost balmy weather in southeastern Montana with temperatures nearing the 70-degree mark. Some hunters found success with big game and upland game birds over the weekend. Reports from the Hysham check station along I-94 indicate hunters harvested more mule deer and white-tailed deer than the previous weekend.
(Region 7 - Hunting - 10/31/2006)
Harvest numbers stayed strong for the first week of big game season in west-central Montana. Cumulative totals for the region’s three check stations showed white-tailed deer harvest up 58 percent from last year. Mule deer harvest was reported 38 percent above last year’s week one totals while elk harvest was up just slightly.
(Region 2 - Headlines - 10/30/2006)
Two separate wolf depredation incidents were recently confirmed on private land in the Paradise Valley. In each case, one calf was confirmed killed by wolves.
(Region 3 - Headlines - 10/30/2006)
A male grizzly bear cub of the year was killed Oct. 22 by a Burlington Northern train just east of Marias Pass on the southern edge of Glacier National Park.
(Region 4 - Headlines - 10/27/2006)
Hunters using the state wildlife management areas along the Rocky Mountain Front need to remember to store food properly to avoid attracting bears into camp.
(Region 4 - Headlines - 10/27/2006)
Hunter numbers were up overall during the opening days of the general big game season in southwest Montana. Although deer harvest was comparable to the last year, elk harvest was up by over 70 animals.
(Region 3 - Headlines - 10/27/2006)
The 2006 big game season in FWP Region 5 opened with a variety of weather conditions and hunt results.
(Region 5 - Headlines - 10/26/2006)
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is seeking public comment on a proposal to acquire approximately 20 acres of riverfront property along the Clark Fork River in the Alberton Gorge. If acquired, the property would become a part of the Alberton Gorge Recreational Corridor, a seven-mile segment of the Clark Fork River located approximately 30 miles northwest of Missoula.
(Region 2 - Headlines - 10/26/2006)
The Hysham check station is open most weekends during the 2006 fall hunting seasons. The check station has been open for several past hunting seasons at the Hysham rest area adjacent to Interstate 94. Wet and muddy conditions hindered some hunter's plans for the opening of the antelope and deer and elk season, but many were still fortunate enough to experience some success.
(Region 7 - Hunting - 10/24/2006)
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) and the Lolo National Forest have again agreed to a limited mountain lion hunt in the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area. The hunt, scheduled to begin the second week of December, started in 1998 as part of an effort to reduce mountain lion encounters in the north Missoula area.
(Region 2 - Headlines - 10/23/2006)

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