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A Wisdom-area landowner reportedly shot a wolf on private property. The shooting occurred on April 28, 2005. The landowner reported that the wolf was chasing his livestock.
(Region 3 - Fish & Wildlife - 04/29/2005)
Crimes involving the state’s fish, wildlife and State Parks resources occur year round. "Calls to TIP-MONT are always in season. Whether it's hunting season, fishing season, or year-round recreation, we get reports of violations," said Debbie Lewis, TIP-MONT coordinator.
(Headquarters - Headlines - 04/29/2005)
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials remind hunters planning to submit moose, sheep and goat special applications that the applications must be received by 5 p.m. on May 2 or postmarked by May 2.   Deer B, elk A-9, and antelope licenses and special deer or elk permits are due June 1.
(Headquarters - Hunting - 04/29/2005)
Black bear hunting season closes May 15 in some 100 and 200 series bear management areas in Western Montana. Hunting in other bear management units closes May 31 or June 15. Black bear hunting closes earlier when quotas are met in management units with quotas.
(Headquarters - Hunting - 04/29/2005)
Montana's 50 State Parks hosted a record 1.65 million visitors in 2004 including more Montanans than in recent years. "About 73 percent of Parks visitors last year were Montanans," said Doug Monger, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' state parks division administrator. "We expect to see this trend continue."   In 2005, more residents are expected to take advantage of having unlimited access to state parks by paying a $4 optional annual fee on their vehicle license registrations.
(Headquarters - State Parks - 04/29/2005)
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks administers a program to release pen-raised pheasants on private land.
(Region 7 - Hunting - 04/26/2005)
The Flathead Fishing Fair is coming up on Snappy's Sport Senter on Saturday, April 30. National Fish Art winners for Montana include Jordan Danz, Grade 4, Bigfork,Colter Dickinson, Grade 9, Trego, and Brynn Shay, Grade 10, Columbia Falls. Apply for moose/sheep/goat licenses by May 2.
(Region 1 - Headlines - 04/25/2005)
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will hold the third in a series of work sessions Thursday, April 27 in Helena that are aimed at developing a compensation program to pay for livestock damages caused by wolves. Under Montana's wolf conservation and management plan, FWP is expected to help create workable compensation and/or insurance programs.   Incentives for landowners who employ techniques intended to reduce wolf depredation also will be discussed.
(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife - 04/20/2005)
Grizzly and black bears are emerging from their winter dens and becoming active. Expect all bears to be active and moving by the end of April. Female bears are extremely protective of new cubs. New green plant growth and production are important sought-out forage for bears.
(Region 3 - Fish & Wildlife - 04/19/2005)
A potential environmental disaster was quietly averted in the Gallatin Valley recently.   But it provided a stern lesson in how easily our waters in much of Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota could have been changed for the worse – forever.  The threat was zebra mussels.   The solution was hot water, bleach, a bottle brush, power washer and, most importantly, the smarts to know there was a problem in the first place.
(Headquarters - Headlines - 04/19/2005)

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