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All Mountain Lion Hunting To Close In HD 270

Wed Mar 04 15:33:00 MST 2015

The hunting of all mountain lions in western Montana Hunting District 270, which includes a portion of Ravalli County, will close at one-half hour after sunset on Thurs., March 5, 2015.

(Headquarters - Hunting District Restrictions, Closures & Reopenings)

All Mountain Lion Hunting Closed In HD's 212 & 215

Wed Mar 04 15:32:00 MST 2015

The hunting of all mountain lions in western Montana hunting districts 212 and 215, which includes portions of Granite, Powell, Deer Lodge and Silver Bow counties, closed at one half hour after sunset on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

(Headquarters - Hunting District Restrictions, Closures & Reopenings)

FWP At Work - Warden Work - March 26

Tue Mar 03 16:05:00 MST 2015

Take a peek into the daily life of one of Helena’s FWP wardens, Justin Hawkaluk. Through images and video, Justin will provide a glimpse into the duties and activities Montana Game Wardens. The audience will be surprised to learn all that is entailed in being a warden and the efforts that are made to ensure public safety and to protect and educate about Montana's natural resources.

(Headquarters - Education)

FWP At Work - Wildlife Forensics - March 19

Tue Mar 03 16:04:00 MST 2015

Come and take a walk with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Criminal Investigator, Brian Sommers, as we explore Wildlife Forensics. The program will focus on the wildlife forensics involved in a wildlife attack on humans. It will explore what is an attack, the scientific investigation after an attack and the conclusions drawn from the investigation.

(Headquarters - Education)

MT WILD & MT Wild Sheep Foundation Outdoor Youth Event - March 7

Tue Mar 03 16:03:00 MST 2015

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, the Montana Wild Sheep Foundation and several partner organizations will provide a free youth Outdoor Youth Educational Experience at Montana WILD and Spring Meadow Lake State Park.

(Headquarters - Education)

Finding Ways to Live with Deer in Montana Communities

Tue Mar 03 15:50:00 MST 2015

A healthy, vibrant population of deer is important to Montanans. When high deer numbers are found on the edge of town or within the city limits, however, conflicts can arise. Deer in an urban setting can damage gardens and ornamental plants, threaten human safety, damage property, and lead to expensive car/deer accidents.

(Region 6 - Fish & Wildlife)


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