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Otter Season Will Close In Trapping District 5

Wed Jan 28 14:08:00 MST 2015

By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission, the season for trapping otters in Trapping District 5 in southcentral Montana will close at midnight on Thursday, January 29, 2015.

(Headquarters - Hunting District Restrictions, Closures & Reopenings)

Snow melt leads to Great Falls FAS reopening

Tue Jan 27 11:15:49 MST 2015

A fishing access site on the Missouri River south of Great Falls has reopened in the wake of the recent warm weather, says a Fish, Wildlife and Parks official.

(Region 4 - Fishing)

FWP Region 6 Launches Facebook Page

Fri Jan 23 16:13:21 MST 2015

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 6 is joining the world of social media. Marc Kloker, Region 6 Information and Education Program Manager, recently launched a Facebook page dedicated to the region:

(Region 6 - Education)

Fish & Wildlife Commission Seeks Comment On Fee Rule Proposals

Fri Jan 23 10:11:00 MST 2015

The Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission is seeking public comment on two sets of rules related to fees charged at state fishing access sites and wildlife management areas for commercial and non-commercial uses.

(Headquarters - Commission)

Comment Sought on FAS Seasonal Closure

Thu Jan 22 15:23:18 MST 2015

The Fish and Wildlife Commission is seeking public comment on a proposal to approve a seasonal closure for a fishing access site on the Missouri River near Great Falls to control illegal activity.

(Region 4 - Fish & Wildlife)


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