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Now is a good time to apply for apprentice hunter program

Fri Oct 20 15:56:32 MDT 2017

Montana’s general deer and elk season opens Oct. 21. If you want to expose a young person to hunting and mentor that person through their first hunt, now is a good time to consider signing them up for the Apprentice Hunter program. With that, it’s important to note that legal apprentice hunters can hunt throughout the general season

(Headquarters - Headlines)

Wardens Seek Information in Townsend Area Poached Elk Case

Thu Oct 19 15:39:46 MDT 2017

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens are asking the public to help identify the person or persons responsible for the illegal killing of at least one elk on private property just east of Canyon Ferry recently.

(Region 3 - Enforcement)

Good time to apply for Apprentice Hunter program

Thu Oct 19 14:45:00 MDT 2017

Montana’s two-day, youth-only deer hunt is coming up October 19 and 20, and general deer and elk season opens October 21. Now is a good time to consider signing up for the Apprentice Hunter program.

(Region 7 - Hunting)

FWP, Miles City Public Library to host “Batty for Bats” workshop for kids October 26

Thu Oct 19 13:54:00 MDT 2017

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the Miles City Public Library will host a “Batty for Bats” workshop for kids on Thursday, October 26 at the library from 10 a.m. to noon. Kids of all ages are welcome to attend, and some classes at local schools are planning to incorporate it into their class day. Parents are asked to accompany smaller children.

(Region 7 - Fish & Wildlife)

Youth Outdoor Skills Event Held in Glasgow was a Success

Wed Oct 18 13:33:08 MDT 2017

A free youth outdoor skills event was held in Glasgow on Sunday, Oct. 15, at the Glasgow Trap Club. The event was organized and funded by donations and volunteers from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Hi-Line Sportsmen, Ducks Unlimited, and the Glasgow Trap Club.

(Region 6 - Education)

Mussel-Sniffing Dogs Find No Mussels, Clean Drain Dry Still Important

Tue Oct 17 12:09:37 MDT 2017

Mussel-sniffing dogs from Alberta combed the shores of Tiber and Canyon Ferry Reservoirs during the past week, but found no evidence of invasive mussels. Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) requested the assistance of the dog team in an attempt to identify adult zebra or quagga mussels following larval mussel detections last fall. This was part of a larger effort by FWP and other partners to survey for invasive mussels state-wide. Intensive plankton sampling, diver survey and snorkeling surveys have found no larval or adult zebra or quagga mussels this season in Montana waters.

(Headquarters - Aquatic Invasive Species)

Survey Underway To Gauge Public Opinion On Fish, Wildlife Management

Tue Oct 17 11:58:15 MDT 2017

A survey of Montana residents is currently being conducted by researchers at Colorado State University to better understand public opinions about fish and wildlife management. The survey is part of a national effort sponsored by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife)

Take Part In National Bat Week

Tue Oct 17 11:53:47 MDT 2017

Looking for a fun but educational Halloween activity that includes learning about bats, making a bat craft, and pledging to support bat conservation?

(Headquarters - Fish & Wildlife)


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