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Montana's Wild Trout

Wild trout are the key to Montana's cold-water fishery. Wild trout naturally reproduce in Montana's rivers and streams and spawn the young that restock Montana's waters.

It's that natural wildness that makes Montana trout fishing so special.

It's that natural wildness that sets Montana apart from most other trout fishing experience.

It's that natural wildness that attracts anglers to Montana from across the globe.

Wild trout are the biological, recreational and economic lynch pin of Montana's cold water fishery.

As a result, FWP responds to anything that threatens the long-term health of Montana's wild trout. That's why FWP asks irrigators, anglers and others to make sacrifices in times of drought. Together we can mitigate, to some extent, the impacts of reduced flows and high temperatures by reducing the stress on wild trout by leaving water in streams and limiting angling pressure where necessary.

If we don't do all we can today to conserve Montana's wild trout, tomorrow it could lead to a down turn in the health of not only Montana's trout, but to Montana's economy.