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FWP's New Navigation

New Responsive Design

Desktop Computers

As with most responsive websites, the navigation is all on the top now. If you are on a large screen, or even many tablets in landscape mode, you see each of the highest levels of navigation along the top, just as in the previous design. The difference is that when you click on one of these buttons, you can see the next several levels of navigation, all at once. You get a lot more information in one click. Hopefully this will help visitors find some of the more challenging pages.


Once you open the top level navigation you will see 2 more levels. If a link has an arrow next to it (right side) there are more levels available. Click on the link itself to go the page (whatever the link says) or the arrow to see more links.

It Will Be an Adjustment

When you are on a page you are probably used to looking to the left to find more pages on the same topic. All navigtion links are in the top menu. That may take some getting used to, but once you train yourself to go to the top instead of the left, you will likely enjoy seeing so may more options all at once.

Mobile Devices

For smartphones and small tablets, we created a pretty standard mobile menu. You click on the Menu button on top of the page and then drill down to the page you are looking for.


The Menu button (above) opens this menu (below).


Old Design

The navigation (menu) was in two pieces in the old design. The first level of navigation was on the top of every page, just below "Montana Fish, Wildfile & Parks." The next several levels of navigation were along the left side. As you clicked each button it opened the next level of navigation, if there was one.