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FWP's New Look

The Layout

Although the site has the same content as before, it does look different. That is due to some of the color changes and styles that we created to enable the content to flow between screen sizes. Because we are concerned about our mobile audience, we adjusted content in ways to be sure it is easy to read, navigate, and interact with on those devices. We also did a little clean up on some pages that needed attention.

You will mostly notice the differences if you go back and forth between computers and mobile devices. You can change the width of your browser window to watch things rearrange.

When you go to a small screen size (phone):

  • the navigation switches to a Menu button
  • all the Quick Access links on the right side go to a Quick Access button
  • depending on the width of chunks of content, two pieces that were side-by-side on a computer may be arranged one on top of the other on a phone.

The Colors

You will notice some new colors on the site now. Their use was designed to help one visually navigate around the site and individual pages.


Green and brown are used primarily for some sort of navigation. The menu is brown and tan and the breadcrumb trail, the search box, and the quick access bar (on the right side) are all in green. These colors may occassionally be used elsewhere to help break up content.


Yellow has a couple of uses.

  • Attention: You will occassionally see a box with a yellow outline and a yield sign to indicate something important, but not dangerous.
  • Public Comment: You will often find opportunities for the public to comment on various topics. They are usually in boxes with a yellow header.


Orange may be used in several places, but the most important usage is on the hunting and fishing home pages. We now have blocks of content on those pages that we hope will help any hunter/angler to find what they are looking for quickly. These boxes are kept up-to-date with currently relavant information.


Boxes and headers in blue are typically informational.


Purple isn't used a lot, mostly on educational or recreational pages. It's just used as another color to separate content or make it stand out.


Red is used ONLY to bring something very important or dangereous to everyone's attention. It is typically about restrictions, closures, fire danger, drought, or website outages.