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MyFWP was created to give you one place to search for all of your ALS information, as well as providing a News Subscription service. Soon all ALS searches will be available, including: Alternate's List, Game Damage Roster, Bear ID Test Certificates, and licenses you have purchased this year.

How do I find my ALS Number

Your ALS number is on your license (see the image below, it is circled in yellow). Your ALS number is your birth month, day and year, followed by a one to three-digit number.

Image of a license

On the occasion that someone else's information matches yours, you will be prompted to select your number (the one to three-digit number on the end) to find your ALS information.

What is Tooth & Age Data

Tooth and age data is gathered by FWP from animals you have harvested. This data provides FWP with information about age trends in populations. When used in conjunction with other information, age trends help managers evaluate how populations are doing and are used to make management decisions to improve conservation of the species

How do I get an ALS Number?

You automatically get an ALS number when you apply for any drawing or purchase a license.

Why do I have more than one ALS record?

If you have more than one ALS record, one of the following has happened:

  • You have entered yourself as a new person when purchasing licenses online.
  • A license provider has entered you as a new person when selling you licenses over the counter.
  • Your birthday and/or last name was entered incorrectly and not caught before the transaction was complete.
  • Your last name has changed since you previously purchased a license.
  • Tip:
  • If you are sure you have an ALS number, purchased a fishing or hunting license in the last five years, and you are asked to supply the last 4 digits of your SSN number, you are being entered as a new person. Do not complete the transaction. Start over with the correct information.

Contact Licensing

If you need assistance with your ALS number please contact Licensing.

(406) 444-2950 | E-mail