The Sketchbook

Essays by Tom Dickson. Illustrations by Stan Fellows.


Indispensable (March-April)

Getting stoked on conservation (May-June)

Their pain, and mine (July-August)


Building Confidence with Science (March-April)

Silver Lining (May-June)

Saving the Little Bolts (July-August)

Why on the Wall? (September-October)

Montana Millionaires (November-December)


Montana Outdoors is a bi-monthly publication of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks that promotes the conservation and sustainable use of Montana's fish, wildlife and state parks.



Left in the dust? The heated debate over
how to save Montana's coolest fish.


The big picture

Managing the Big Picture: ´╗┐Why it make sense to conserve all of Montana’s 636 fish and wildlife species.

Montana's State Parks

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

Wonderground: The marvels of Lewis
and Clark Caverns State Park.