Call for photography: Montana Wild

Submission deadline: Photos must be received by Tuesday, May 15, 2012. Late submissions will not be considered.

This is a special photo call for Montana Fish, Wildife & Parks. FWP is developing Montana Wild in Helena. You may recall we featured a story on Montana Wild in our Nov.-Dec. 2011 issue. Montana Wild is a new conservation and education center designed to connect kids, adults and families to the natural world of Montana’s outdoors. Montana Wild is a destination, a resource for education workshops and classes, a place for recreation, and a beautifully restored historic building that houses classrooms, offices, and soon, an exhibit hall with interactive and information displays and activities.

The agency and exhibit design contractors are in the “design and build” phase of the exhibit hall, and are seeking top-notch photography to help bring the exhibits at Montana Wild to life. What better resource than Montana Outdoors contributing photographers to meet this need?

This photo call is separate from the magazine. It is entirely voluntary and up to you if you wish to participate. We have developed a tiered scale of payments to purchase your photos for one-time use in the exhibits. Photos you submit will be managed and archived by Montana Outdoors, but payments for usage will be made by Split Rock Studios, the exhibit design company. Photo usage will be purchased for exhibit purposes only. If there is any intent to use these photos for merchandise or distribution, such as a Montana Wild poster, shirt or postcard for sale, Montana Wild will renegotiate and pay additionally for such usage.

composite imageConsiderations:
By submitting photos for consideration to this call, you understand and are agreeing to the payment and terms in which your photos may be used.

Images from these submissions will be selected by FWP and Split Rock Studios, and payments will be distributed accordingly. We will notify you if your photos are selected. A second review and selection may be performed later this summer if more photos are needed.

Image files must be large enough to be produced at 100% size at 150 pixels per inch. Some photos may be reproduced as photomurals and banners as large as 12 feet.

Please supply your photo submissions on a disc. Mail your submission to:
Montana Outdoors
Attn: Luke Duran
930 West Custer Ave.
Helena, MT 59602
Discs will not be returned.

Here is the payment scale for usage:
· For large format use, such as a mural, banner or other large graphic: $300
· Poster-sized image or other large illustrative photo (Up to 36” either length or width): $200
· Standard illustrative photo between 6” to 12” either length or width (such as an 8”x10”): $100
· Small spot photo for a display (up to 6” either dimension): $50
· Onscreen photo for a slideshow, projected image, or web page: $30


Download a PDF showing architectural layout/plans for the exhibits


1-A. Visitor Entry/Exit area


First module: This is YOUR Wild Montana (Portrait Gallery)


 “Your Wild Backyard” (map exhibit)

1-C.2 Office Window Treatment

FWP: Your Outdoor Resource

Share Your Views (visitor contact station)
Storyline: this is a background image for a message board where visitors will share their views and feedback (by writing on and posting sticky notes)

2-A  Western Montana Module        

Intro to Western Montana

Bear Hair trap/DNA testing
Storyline: Biologists use “bear hair traps” to track bear populations

Grizzly bears and their habitat needs
Storyline: For grizzlies, life is one long eating strategy if they are to double their weight by fall.

Montana’s Wild and Stocked Fish
Storyline: Montana’s native and non-native fish, both coldwater and warmwater species, offer a world-class fishery second to none.

Wild Trout Decision
Storyline: A much-debated 1974 decision to no longer stock rivers and streams eventually led to massive restoration efforts, remarkably successful wild fisheries and improved recreational opportunities. 

Coldwater Streams

Live Stream (fish tank)
Approximate image sizes: 3 feet x 2 feet

Fishing Access Sites
Storyline: Fishing Access Sites guarantee access to streams, rivers and lakes throughout MT

2-A.2 Hanging banners above and behind Montana dioramas
Storyline: Seven tall, narrow banners arrayed above and to rear of diorama will act together to “scan” all of Montana from west to east (left to right). REFER TO DRAWING.

2-B. Eastern Montana Module

Overarching concept: Eastern Montana: Wildness in the Extreme. Eastern MT is a challenging place to live that breeds toughness in both wildlife and humans.

Background photomural

Life in Eastern MT means dealing with extremes
Storyline: If you live here, you are one tough critter

Fencing and Wildlife
Storyline: Wildlife need room to move and people can help

Restoring Montana’s Wildlife
Storyline: Unregulated use of wildlife nearly led to disastrous loss; now restored to abundance through conscious efforts.

Background photo mural (Eastern MT)
Storyline: Backdrop to diorama about the Great Plains.
Approximate image size: up to 5 feet by 6 feet

Warmwater Fish
Storyline: Eastern Montana’s warmwater rivers offer some of the best fishing in the US

Montana’s Massive Ungulates
Storyline: Big and small creatures need habitat, which could be as close as your backyard.

3-A Conservation Heroes Module

Overarching concept: Montanans who help protect wildlife are heroes. The story is broken into three different angles: everyday citizens, partner organizations, and statewide movements (including legislation). Overhead, a tower features up to 50 faces of Montanans from every walk of life.

Heroes Portrait Tower

Everyday Heroes
Storyline: Everyday citizens who support wildlife in day to day actions are heroes, too.


Statewide Heroes/ Efforts
Storyline: Statewide efforts for wildlife, including restoration programs and establishment of protected habitat areas, give us our abundant wildlife resources and recreational opportunities.

Wildlife Partner Heroes
Storyline: Various groups partner with FWP on behalf of wildlife and habitat.


3-B Wildlife & Science Module

Background graphics


Field Work
Storyline: Protecting the public trust is founded on wildlife science, a demanding and varied field

Interactive: Animal Aging Skills
Storyline: Hands-on interactive teaching visitor how to use bighorn horns, fish scale marks, or elk teeth to tell an animal’s age.

Predator/prey relationships
Storyline: predators are part of the Montana wildlife picture

3-C RecreationModule

Storyline: Montana’s wild outdoors offers world-class wildlife-based recreation.

Storyline: State parks are your entry-level experience on your journey to becoming an outdoorsperson.