The Back Porch

Essays by Bruce Auchly. Illustrations by E.R. Jenne.


When everything changes

That First Gun

Sadder than a wet hen

Seeing the sights


Antlers, Big and Small

“Fall” Migration Beginning Soon

The first insects of spring

The Perils of a Young Trout


The Great Spring Gamble

Alas, the Poor Starling

The Last Thing Birds Need

Bowhunting's "infinity of contraptions"

Losing while gaining


Leaves of Bone

Garters in the Garden

Pondering the Elk Hunt

Still Hungry

New Kids on the Block


Spring on the Wing

The Elk Are Out There

The September Itch


Inside the Bear Nursery

Waterfowl in Bloom

Solving the Tiber Predator-Prey Puzzle

There They Go Again

Neither Low nor Close


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