Kingman duck

By Tom Dickson

This story is featured in Montana Outdoors September-October 2005 issue

Kingman Duck (shown here basted with optional orange-honey glaze—1/4 cup of orange juice mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey) cooks up in an amazing 15 minutes, producing arguably the best duck you’ve ever tasted.


4 T. brown sugar
One medium goose breast (snow or lesser Canada, or a large mallard)
1 T. vegetable oil

Place breast on cutting board. With a sharp knife, blade parallel to the board, cut the breast in half to create two flat fillets.
Dry fillets with paper towels.
Lightly oil the barbecue grill.
Heat on high until you can hold a hand just over the grill for no longer than 3 or 4 seconds.
Place both fillets on grill.
Rub 2 T. brown sugar on top of each fillet.
Grill 3 minutes on one side, turn carefully, and grill another
1 minute on the other.
Serve on a bed of wild rice or with parsleyed potatoes.