The Best 100 List

These items are featured in Montana Outdoors July-August 2013 issue


1. Visit Sun River WMA
2. See sandhill cranes perform their mating dance
3. Hear an elk bugle
4. Smell a ponderosa pine
5. See a moose
6. Hike to an alpine lake
7. Pick a quart of morel mushrooms
8. View Egg Mountain
9. See a prairie dog town
10. Fly-fish the Blackfoot
11. See western grebes conducting their rushing ceremony
12. Hunt a Block Management Area
13. Observe mountain goats
14. Fish with a guide
15. Watch mule deer “stot”
16. See the northern lights
17. See a running pronghorn herd
18. Walk along the Old North Trail
19. Visit the Varney Bridge section
of the Madison River
20. Learn to cast a fly rod
21. Learn to read a topo map
22. Visit a pishkun (buffalo jump)
23. Hike while carrying bear pepper spray
24. See the Chinese Wall
25. Drive around Flathead Lake
26. Visit a hunter check station in November
27. Get stuck in gumbo
28. See a burrowing owl
29. Visit Bighorn Canyon
30. Backpack the famous Beartooth Traverse
31. Catch a walleye
32. See the world’s largest western larch
33. Fish all of Montana’s blue-ribbon rivers
34. See a swift fox
35. Float the Smith
36. See beargrass in bloom
37. Look for shed antlers
38. Go ice fishing
39. Admire William Clark’s­signature at Pompeys Pillar
40. Ask permission to hunt private land
41. Call in a tom turkey
42. Hike to Grinnell Glacier
43. See the fall golden eagle migration at Rogers Pass or Bridger Mountain Ridge
44. Go on an outfitted backcountry trip
45. Spot a white-tailed ptarmigan
46. Hear a wolf howl
47. See Kootenai Falls
48. Catch an arctic grayling in the Big Hole River
49. See the Giant Springs
50. Visit an ancient tipi ring
51. Hike up Square Butte
52. Spot a mountain lion track
53. Fish Nelson Reservoir
54. See the snow geese at Freezeout Lake
55. Visit Fort Peck Dam
56. Pick a quart of huckleberries
57. Learn to row a drift boat
58. Snag a paddlefish
59. “Play” the Ringing Rocks
60. Bike the Hiawatha Trail
61. Hunt upland birds over a pointing dog
62. See a long-billed curlew
63. Take the Going-to-the-Sun Road drive
64. Float the Missouri River White Cliffs Area
65. Fish the Mother’s Day caddis hatch
66. See wild sheep at Koo-Koo-Sint Viewing Site
67. Catch a Columbia River interior redband trout
68. Go elk hunting
69. See sage-grouse and sharp-tailed grouse on their spring mating grounds
70. Join the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count
71. See quaking aspen in fall
72. Tie a fly
73. Walk under the Roosevelt Arch
at Yellowstone National Park
74. See (and hear) a prairie rattlesnake
75. Hike a prairie in June
76. Catch a westslope cutthroat trout
77. Explore Lewis and Clark Caverns
78. Fish a lazy warmwater river
79. Take the CMR National Wildlife Refuge auto tour
80. See a greater short-horned lizard
81. Visit the Ross Creek cedars
82. See evidence of Glacial Lake Missoula
83. Cook in a dutch oven
84. Visit a prairie pothole
85. See the Madison River Canyon Earthquake Area
86. Hear a loon call
87. Fish the salmonfly hatch
88. Float the South Fork of the Flathead
89. Collect a moss (Yellowstone) agate
90. See wild bison at the National Bison Range Wildlife Refuge
91. Fish the Blackfeet Indian Reservation lakes for monster rainbows
92. See harlequin ducks
93. See wild mustangs
94. Drive the Beartooth All-American Road
95. Spot a grizzly
96. Visit the badlands and rock formations of Makoshika and Medicine Rocks State Parks
97. See a western tanager
98. See bitterroot in bloom
99. Visit Red Rock Lakes NWR
100. Soak in a hot spring