ArchivesAll back issues of Montana Outdoors and its predecessor publications going back to 1928 have been digitized and are now available on-line. the project is part of the Montana State Library's effort to digitize its entire Montana state publications collection.

Access the Montana Outdoors special collection by visiting and searching for "Montana Outdoors." (Montana library patrons can also find it via the Montana Shared Catalog.)

The magazine's predecessor publications can be accessed by typing in:

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks did not publish a magazine from 1934 to 1950. New issues of Montana Outdoors will be added to the digital collection with a two-month lag time.

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Montana Outdoors is a bi-monthly publication of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks that promotes the conservation and sustainable use of Montana's fish, wildlife and state parks.


1910 Fire

The Great Fire of 1910: How the Big Burn shaped the nation’s fire-fighting policy and transformed a 4,700-square-mile landscape in northern Idaho and western Montana.


The big picture

Why the Deer and the Antelope Play: When wild animals goof off, they may be doing more than just having a good time.



Tiny Fish Under Big Skies: Why Minnows Matter.