Our Point of View: Messages from the FWP Director

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How we unite (March-April)

FWP’s constant balancing acts (May-June)

Credibilty was key to legislative successes (July-August)


CWD Outbreak: we've got this covered (March-April)

A Little More State, a Little Less Federal (May-June)

What We've Accomplished So Far (July-August)

Educating to engage, awaken, and inspire (September–October)

Preserving Montana's unique appeal (November-December)



Protecting grizzlies while keeping people safe (November–December)

Getting Out (September–October)

Building partnerships and trust (July-August)

All Hands on Deck (May–June)

Inclusive, Transparent, Fair (March-April)



Wake-Up Call (November–December)

Three essential points about the new shoulder seasons (September–October)

A Toast to the GYE Grizzly Recovery (July-August)

Time to broaden our base (March–April)

Who We Are and Where We’re Going (May–June)



I'm thankful for FWP volunteers (November–December)

Handbooks of hunting opportunities (September–October)

New plan could help Montana maintain control (July-August)

Still going strong after 45 years (May–June)

It's Your Call (March–April)



Montana’s Thanksgiving bountys (November–December)

Sage-grouse season closures reflect FWP’s concern about number declines (September–October)

The public’s voice in FWP affairs (July-August)

The Choice Will Be Yours (May–June)

Meeting face-to-face is essential for improving hunter-landowner relations (March–April)



Montana’s wolf management challenges (November–December)

We manage our lands to preserve Montana values (September–October)

New plan could help Montana maintain control (May–June)

Respecting other perspectives (March–April)



Four Years Later (November–December)

Increasing the wolf harvest (September–October)

Eastern Montana's great fishing (May–June)

The success of AIS vigilance (July-August)

Understanding the Bonus Point System (March–April)



A booming bottom line (November–December)

Montana’s hunting season never really end (September–October)

Off to a wild start (May–June)

Why we acquired more habitat and public access (March–April)

A lively legislative session (July–August)



Pulling out all the stops (November–December)

Giving kids a jump start on hunting (September–October)

Best of both worlds (July–August)

Into the heart of It (May–June)

Let's hear it (March–April)



Hunt Represents Successful Wolf Conservation(November–December)

Building relationships (September–October)

Good news from the 2009 legislative session (July–August)

Bridge access bill is worth celebrating (May–June)

A Brief Introduction (March–April)




Thank You, Mr. Lincoln (November–December)

Concerns about Brucellosis in Montana (September–October)

It Takes a Department (July-August)

Let’s Keep the Fort Peck Hatchery Open Year-Round (May–June)

A Sensible Way to Solve the Bridge Access Problems (March–April)



A Great Tradition Continues (November–December)

Build, but Not Rest (September–October)

The Session (July–August)

Fish the Prairie (May–June)

No Child Left Inside (March–April)



Consider a Cow Elk this Year (November–December)

Together, We Can Stop Poachers (September–October)

Getting Birdy (July–August)

A New Place to Learn (May–June)

Broadening the Focus (March–April)




Taking the Reins (November–December)

The Wisdom Behind WMAs (September–October)

Bullish on Bull Trout (July–August)

Happy 35th! (May–June)

How Town Halls Create State Parks (March–April)



An Essential Session for Montana’s Fish and Wildlife (November–December)

Weather Trumps All (September–October)

What to Do about Bison (July–August)

We're Working to Delist Grizzlies and Wolves (May–June)

State Parks Now More Affordable than Ever (March–April)



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Left in the dust? The heated debate over
how to save Montana's coolest fish.


The big picture
Wildlife Warriors:“Peaceable kingdom”? Not in the real, often violent world of nature.

Montana's State Parks

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

Wonderground: The marvels of Lewis
and Clark Caverns State Park.