Montana Outdoors Index : Current through 2018

Old coversThis index contains all Montana Outdoors articles featured since 1970. It is a great reference tool for students, journalists, public officials, and citizens looking for historical and recent information on the management of Montana's fish, wildlife, and state parks. The index is cross-referenced by author, article title, issue, and subject.

To search the Montana Outdoors index, download the rich text file. Use your word processing program to perform searches. For example, in Microsoft Word you would highlight the entire document (Control A), then go into Edit in the Menu bar and scroll down to Search. Type in the topic, title, or author.

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Most of these articles are not available on-line (because we don't have electronic versions of older articles). However, all articles since March-April 2002 are on-line. Browse our On-line Articles page for availability. Hard copies are available in public libraries. You can also purchase back issues from Montana Outdoors by contacting Angie Howell at (406) 495-3257.


Wildlife Warriors

Where Have All The Plovers Gone? Looking for mountain shorebirds where there are no mountains or shores.

Montana FWP

Game Wardens

Game Warden "Glamour": While the high-country horseback image endures, an FWP game warden’s real life more often consists of late nights, public presentations, beef jerky breakfasts, and living out of a pickup cab.

Montana's State Parks

Bannack State Park

Spirit of the West: The state’s premier ghost town, Bannack State Park gives visitors a glimpse of Montana’s colorful frontier past.