Current issue: September–October 2015 Montana Outdoors September-October 2015

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Affable Authority: FWP game wardens mean business. But with a nod and a smile. Read more >>

Just One Bugle: We listen to screams all right, but they’re not from elk. Read more >>

Running the Duck Factory: How Montana manages its nationally significant (but often unrecognized) waterfowl populations. Read more >>

We Lucky Few: Let’s pause the gloom-a-thon for just a moment to remember that we getto hunt in Montana. Read more >>

Mastering Block Management: No one ever said having 8 million acres of private land to hunt would be easy. Read more >>

The Judith Turns 75: Montana’s popular wildlife management area system celebrates its diamond anniversary with the acquisition that started it all. Read more >>

Montana Outdoors Portrait: Engelmann Spruce.

Our Point of View: Handbooks of Hunting Opportunities. Read more >>

Eating the Outdoors: Crispy Pheasant Breasts in Gin Cream. Read more >>

FWP At Work: Dave Hagengruber.

Back Porch: Bowhunting’s “Infinity of Contraptions.”

ACI stampFor the past 11 years, Montana Outdoors has been ranked among the nation's top state conservation magazines by the Association for Conservation Information. In 2012, the National Association of Government Communicators awarded Montana Outdoors first place magazine. See our collection of award-winning stories. AWARD WINNERS >>

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Montana Outdoors is a bi-monthly publication of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks that promotes the conservation and sustainable use of Montana's fish, wildlife, and state parks.

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The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation


A Recipe for Big Trout

A Recipe for Big Trout
: What do trout need to grow big?

Montana Outdoors Best 100

Montana Outdoors Best 100

Check off your list: if someone wants to experience the highlights of our state’s outdoors, this is a greatplace to start.

Natural World

Carnivorous Plants

Beware the Savage Sundew: If you’re an insect, that is. Also watch out for bladderworts and Montana’s other carnivorous plants.


Pictograph Cave State Park

Standing for Montana: Strange stories of how the bitterroot, grizzly bear, mourning cloak butterfly, and Montana’s other state symbols came into existence.


Pictograph Cave State Park

Welcome to Montana Elk Hunting: Advice for residents and nonresidents on where to hunt, obtaining reliable information, and negotiating the licensing and permitting process.