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Montana Trapper Education Program

Montana Trapper Education Program

The Montana Trapper Education Program consists of one day structured classroom style coursework and hands on activities revolving around aspects of regulated trapping, trapping equipment, trap setting techniques, furbearer identification, and fur handling and pelt preparation. Trapper education classes are sponsored by the Montana Trapper's Association (MTA) and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) with volunteer instructors from the MTA. One class is usually offered in each of the seven trapping districts during the winter or early spring months.

To register for current classes link to the Hunter, Bowhunter, and Trapper Education page or contact the appropriate FWP regional office nearest the trapper education class location.

NTA Trapping Handbook

NTA Trapping Handbook Cover
  • NTA Trapping Handbook
  • Author: Tom Krause, Artist: Bob Anderson
  • Editors: Norman Gray - Lloyd R. Hassler MD - Don Hoyt Sr. - Willis Kent - Charles Poches Jr. - C. Pete Rickard

A complete guide to trapping in the U.S. Chapters include an historical treatment of early day trappers, furbearer management objectives, laws, responsibilities, proper harvesting methods, fur handling skill, and outdoor safety. Each common furbearer is also treated separately with information including descriptions, distribution maps, track and sign identification, biology, values, diseases and other natural population controls. The material is particularly useful to students as a research and reporting source. Written at a sixth grade level and illustrated, this book appeals to all ages.

This handbook is a great resource for those who are interested in learning about trapping!

Youth Trapper Camp

Youth trapper camp in Beaver Creek Park

The Youth Trapper Camp is sponsored by the Montana Trapper's Association, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and Montana 4-H. This camp is an annual event held south of Havre in scenic Beaver Creek Park in the Bear Paw Mountains. Camp participants range in age from 5 to 18 years old and learn a wide variety of trapping and fur handling skills as well as the role of regulated trapping in furbearer management. Youth Trapper Camp educational activities and presentations are designed for both beginner and advanced level students. Parents are encouraged to attend as camp chaperons.

The Youth Trapper Camp is usually held the second weekend in June. For more information on the Camp and registration contact Jim or Fran Buell by email or visit Montana Trapper's Association and click on YTC info.