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Trapping & Furbearer Management in Montana

Steve Carson with skins and furs from furbearing mammals.

Trapping has a time honored heritage in Montana. From the time of Lewis and Clark, trappers have harvested furbearers such as beaver, bobcat, and marten to experience nature and to provide pelts for mounts, clothing, decorations, and sale. Fur trapping is biologically sustainable and is an important part of Montana's cultural history and outdoor lifestyle.

FWP is responsible for the conservation of furbearers and for regulating the responsible use of this public resource. FWP and its citizen commission continually refine furbearer trapping regulations to ensure selectivity and ethical harvest. Fur trapping is a heavily regulated activity that provides FWP with information on furbearers, and provides many benefits to people and wildlife.

Regulated trapping is a safe, efficient, and practical means of capturing individual animals without impairing the survival of furbearer populations or damaging the environment.

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