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Trapping Advisory Committee

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is seeking 12 -15 individuals to serve on a Trapping Advisory Committee to provide input on the agency’s trapping and furbearer management.

The committee will lend a citizen’s perspective to FWP in reviewing the science and management of trapping, predicting and anticipating public sentiment, and how to inform the public about trapping and furbearer management. 

This Advisory Committee needs to be diverse and ideally will have people from across the state and include wildlife and livestock perspectives, scientific and recreation interests, commerce and tourism, and local and state government representation.  It is important that we get people who represent all of the diverse viewpoints on trapping in Montana, but at the same time, people who can work well with others. We are looking for problem solvers, not people with an agenda. 

Therefore, please be thorough and descriptive in your answers to the questions below.  The more we know about the people applying, the better we can make good choices of committee members.

John Vore 

Deadline to apply is October 20, 2017.