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Region 5

Elk Shoulder Season Fact Sheet

How will elk shoulder seasons be used in FWP R5 in 2017-18?

Shoulder seasons in Region 5 will:

  • Occur in all or parts of every hunting district except HD 500.
  • Be only for antlerless elk.
  • Occur solely on private land (not on state or federal land) with the exception of a small number of HD-specific B licenses intended to distribute hunting pressure across the landscape and reduce the potential for elk “refuges.”
  • Occur on lands where private landowners choose to participate.

Where can I hunt and when?

  • Begin on August 15 and run to September 1.  They will cease from September 2 – October 15 to eliminate the overlap with archery season. Shoulder seasons would then resume from October 16 – October 20 (except for HD-specific B licenses), then again on November 27.
  • End in all participating Region 5 HDs on January 1, 2018, except HDs 511 and 530 which will close January 15, 2018.  The reason for the January 15 closing date is to match up with HDs in Region 4 to the north where elk move across the regional boundary.

What about overlap with archery season?

  • Not overlap with archery season. 

What license do I need & how do I get it?

  • Not require an additional or separate elk license but be subject to all other restrictions and provisions for each HD.  There will be additional antlerless B licenses that may also be used during the shoulder seasons.

Can I hunt Block Management Areas during the shoulder seasons?

  • Some landowners who enroll land in the Block Management Program have chosen to allow public elk hunting ONLY during the archery only and general firearms hunting seasons, while other landowners have chosen to allow public elk hunting during all legal seasons between the Block Management contract dates of September 1 – January 1.

Where can I find out more information?

  • General questions can be directed to the FWP R5 office at (406) 247-2940.