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Region 1

Elk Shoulder Season Fact Sheet

How will elk shoulder seasons be used in FWP R1 in 2017-18?

  • R1 has elk shoulder season opportunities from Aug. 15-Oct. 15 in two hunting districts: districts 101 and 109.
  • These opportunities are on private land only, but do not include Weyerhaeuser, Stoltze and Stimson Timber Company lands.
  • Antlerless elk only, utilizing only specific elk B licenses (Limited Drawing- June 1 deadline).

What license do I need and how do I get it?

  • 199-00 Elk B license — (50 issued) — valid in HDs 101 and 109 only.
  • You can hold only one elk B license. The 199-00 Elk B license allows you to harvest one antlerless elk on private lands (excluding timber company lands) in HD 101 and HD 109, and only from Aug. 15-Oct. 15.  If you hold a 199-00 Elk B license you can’t harvest a bull elk in HD 101 or HD 109 with a general elk license at any time, even if you don’t harvest an antlerless elk during the shoulder season.
  • Elk licenses valid during the archery and general seasons are not valid for the shoulder season in Region 1.  You must apply for and obtain an elk B license valid only for the shoulder season.

Can I hunt Block Management Areas during the shoulder seasons?

  • Some landowners who enroll land in the Block Management Program have chosen to allow public elk hunting ONLY during the archery only and general firearms hunting seasons, while other landowners have chosen to allow public elk hunting during all legal seasons between the Block Management contract dates of September 1 – January 1.

Where can I find out more information?

  • Region 1 will not have shoulder season specific staff.  Hunters should approach the shoulder season similarly to any established hunting season and become familiar with the necessary licenses and the landownership within hunting districts 101 and 109. General questions can be directed to staff at FWP R1 offices at (406) 752-5501.
  • General questions can also be directed to the FWP R1 offices at (406) 752-5501