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Entry Procedures

Entering Your Trophy in the Record Book

Bull elk in Meadow

After a required 60-day drying period from the date the animal was taken, contact an official measurer and arrange to have the trophy scored.

All trophies entered in the Boone & Crockett Club and/or the Pope & Young Club taken from Montana will automatically be entered in the Montana Big Game Records Book.

For those animals qualifying for the Montana Big Game Records Book, and not entered in Boone & Crockett or Pope & Young, mail a copy of the completed score sheet and affidavit to: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Attn: Records Book, PO Box 200701, Helena, MT, 59620. Please be sure all copies are received to us with the information of who measured the Records, and a copy of the Montana affidavit.

There is no entry fee for entering records into the Montana Big Game Records Book.